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...and become an "Attraction Agent "...

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Join the online real estate revolution... your customers already have!


Social Media Marketing is the NEW frontier…

...and it is more than just Facebook!

Combining Facebook’s community of over 1,000 million regular users, Twitters 500 million daily users, LinkedIn’s 300 million business users and the crowd that watch a BILLION short videos each day on Youtube you have a third of the people on earth -

that’s nearly 2 billion people and we haven't even mentioned blog readership numbers yet…

The world stats too big?? There is already 11.6 million Australians over the age of 18 who have Facebook accounts [most of these people can or do legally own property], millions on Twitter and LinkedIn plus all those Youtube videos being watched at desks and via mobile devices across the nation…

When just looking at either Australia or NZ and it's a market in the MILLIONS

...and in your target marketplace the online audience that you can easily connect with just keeps increasing and increasing all the time.

Shouldn't you be sharing in this Internet Gold Rush and making it work for you too!


Why The Online "Real Estate" Revolution?

You see here's the thing, your customers are online and they love the fact that they can now get so much information about any property that they are interested in. Over the internet they can also find out almost everything they need to know about your local area and they can research all the real estate agents in town, including you... all at their fingertips!!!

...and all done without having to contact a single real estate agent like they had to in the past. (made life easier for them!)

Unfortunately, can't quite say the same for a large percentage of our industry!

Some parts of the internet have made it a lot easier for agents, but at the same time they've also made it MUCH HARDER to Stand Out!

You see, this Dramatic Change in Consumer Behaviour has had a devastating impact on a large number of agents and/or agencies who have struggled to adapt fast enough to these changes, especially when you add in the fact that real estate agents are no longer the gate-keepers of information!

And the reality is now that you can either decide to continue to ignore these changes or embrace them? It's up to you! But before you even consider ignoring them any longer, there's one thing that is for certain...both the web and Social Media, are definitely NOT the Passing Fad that many said that they were going to be! They're here to stay!

In fact, when you really think about it, if anything, the internet has made matching buyers/tenants up to listings and selling/renting property so much easier compared to the old days (pre-internet)! Wouldn't you agree?

...and better still, with what I've now discovered about Social Media and the impact it is having on our real estate industry, I have identified a number of Online Consumer Behaviours that have actually made it a whole lot easier for real estate agents to generate listing leads that will simply come to you - Automatically - when it's done the right way! :)

Which is a lot of what Kevin Turner and I discussed in great depth via this BRAND NEW program for real estate called...



So, Why has "Mastering Social Media for Real Estate" become so important?

Social Media is a brilliant platform for leveraging your marketing efforts very inexpensively and allows real estate agents to share information and connect with customers right where (and when) they're doing their research for an agent...

You see, with Social Media the real estate game has changed yet again...and very significantly this time!

Finding Listings doesn't have to be about having to spend hours and hours walking the streets doorknocking in search of someone who will firstly answer the door (let alone find that needle in the haystack person who is actually thinking of selling), or Finding Listings doesn't have to mean spending hours and hours on the phone cold-calling the area looking for sellers.


Wouldn't your Real Estate Life be SO MUCH EASIER

if MORE SELLERS found out about you online

...and then simply 'Just Had To' CALL-YOU-IN!... 

If you think so too, and since your potential clients are currently checking you out online, like they are...

...then discovering...

How To Become 'THE AGENT' who 'Gets Called-In' to More Listing Presentations 

over the internet should be a TOP PRIORITY for any agent in today's fast-changing online world! Wouldn't you agree?...


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What you will discover in

"Mastering Social Media for Real Estate"?


  • What is Social Media? What’s the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0?
  • The 3 Main Parts Of The Web
  • Critical Seller Search Behaviour
  • What Do Potential Sellers Look For Online?
  • What Do Sellers Really Want?
  • What Influences People's Decisions?
  • Word of Mouth on Steroids
  • The Master Key to Real Estate Success

  • The 'Silent' Listing Killer
  • 3 Vital Agent Profile Accelerators
  • 7 Keys to Generating Leads Automatically
  • Listing Presentation Job Interview
  • 'Must Have' Online Profiles
  • Real Techy Stuff

  • Personal Facebook Profile v's Fan Page
  • Top 10 Facebook Fan Page Tips
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Groups and Community Pages
  • How To Build Your Local Fan Base?

  • Why Twitter is Better Than Facebook
  • The Real Estate Radar
  • Your YouTube Channel
  • Why Embracing Video is Critical for Leads
  • Good Viral Marketing v's Bad Viral Marketing
  • The Real Power of Blogging
  • Simple Content Creation Tips
  • How To Sell A Property Using Social Media

  • Ignoring Social Media
  • One Way Communication
  • Not Using A Planned Approach
  • and more...

  • Time Saving Apps
  • Automation Tools
  • 'Fast Positioning' Strategies
  • The #1 Reason People Go Onto The Internet
  • The Facts v's The Fads
  • Predictions: Where To From Here?
As you can see this "Mastering Social Media for Real Estate' 6 CD Boxed Set  is jam-packed full of relevant strategies and concepts for today's real estate agent! (Note: Also includes 'Instant Access Digital Download')



Having the Digital Download as well as the CD's means that once payment has been processed you'll receive instant access to this vital information so that you can get started with improving your online profile right away!

OK! So, by about now you may be wondering about the price and why we've made it such great value?

Well, to normally sit in on over 3 hours of One-On-One Consulting with both Kevin Turner and I at the same time you'd normally have to invest thousands of dollars, but the price for this program is no where near that.

In fact, we have made "Mastering Social Media for Real Estate" really affordable and made it as easily accessible as possible to ensure that we get this vital information into the hands of more agents like yourself so that Kevin and I can do our bit to help inspire our industry to move forward by embracing the internet faster and Harnessing The REAL Power of Social Media more effectively!

So, instead of rolling out this product for the original price of $247 that numerous industry experts said that an in-depth program like this would normally sell for, we decided to cut that recommended retail price by more than half to make 'Mastering Social Media for Real Estate" one of, (if not) THE BEST VALUE Real Estate Training Products in the country!

For a limited time you can access "Mastering Social Media for Real Estate" for a One-Time Payment of Only $97


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Just think! Once the "Mastering Social Media for Real Estate" program helps you to get just one extra property sold amongst YOUR EXTRA LISTINGS, the return on your investment for just one extra transaction alone is approx. 1,000%

...And better still, that 1,000% return on your investment doesn't take into consideration that once you get the internet and Social Media working for you the right way, it will keep working 24/7, generating listing leads 168 hours/week!     (especially with some of the Authentic Automation Tools we've shared)


Here's what other's have to say about

Greg Vincent, The Social Media Guy...


“Greg Vincent's training is absolutely essential for any real estate agent wanting to EASILY become the agent of choice in their marketplace.”
Terri Cooper - Real Estate Mastery


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"Greg Vincent is one of Australia's leading thought leaders on Real Estate Social Media"
Tom Panos - News Limited


"Greg Vincent is at The Leading-Edge of the real estate industry. His concepts and ideas are designed with simple, strategic implementation in mind and are specifically-targeted around building an agent’s online brand/positioning to generate more leads over the internet. Greg really knows his stuff!"
Chris Hasson



Hi I’m Greg Vincent,

Welcome to Mastering Social Media for Real Estate. I hope you find it an invaluable resource for generating more and more Automated Leads via the internet.

As Kevin Turner said in his video, I've been in real estate for 20+ years and now I've become The Social Media Guy for Real Estate Professionals in Australia/NZ and whilst I've helped Kevin increase his Social Media audience from ZERO to thousands, you may be surprised to know that I wasn't always into Social Media and the Digital Space.

In fact, back when I was running my multiple real estate offices I was possibly the most technophobic real estate agent in the country! Now you're probably wondering, "Why would I admit to that?"

Well you see, I was a very successful Licensed Real Estate Agent, regularly the top performer amongst our offices, generating approx. 80-100 listings each year (often achieving double-digit listing months) PLUS I was regularly selling approx. 5-6 properties a month with NO personal PA ...and on top of that I was running multiple offices, inspiring, training, managing my team, looking after my buyers and sellers, following-up appraisals, designing marketing campaigns, etc, etc which meant that I was always Flat Out!!! I rarely had time for my family and friends!

Plus, add in the fact that, even though I was generating lots of listings into the business myself, I felt that I had to set the example so I would regularly drag my team out and go Prospecting Door-To-Door during the mornings and then jump onto the phones with them at night doing the Hard Slog “Telephone Prospecting” through the reverse telephone directory. Whilst it was extremely time-consuming, I would've preferred an easier way, but at the time it seemed to be the best option (because it was the way that we were trained to find listings)!

So we just kept doing it because the alternative seemed either non-existent or too foreign to me! You see, learning about technology and Social Media looked like it was going to be harder than Cold-Calling, especially for someone like me (me, the Old Dog who they wouldn't let anywhere near technology, being forced to start learning New Tricks, yeah right? I hardly knew how to turn the computer on let alone drive one! To now, having the skills-set to create this entire website on my own within a matter of hours. Seriously!).

Back at my agencies, after years of ignoring change and trying to do business the old way, I started to find that business was getting harder, not easier! We weren't getting called-in to some of the listings that we normally would. The internet had opened our business up to online scrutiny and now that I look back on those days we had gaping holes everywhere in our online marketing which meant that as Potential Sellers went through the agent de-sellection process, more and more times we simply weren't getting onto the shopping list of agents called-in! (No matter how much extra prospecting we did!)

Over time we slowly went from being The Stand-Out Number 1 Agency in our area to Number 3 or 4!

I had no choice! We had to change and Change FAST!!!

But where do you start?...Firstly, I started interviewing lots of real estate software suppliers (who seemed to talk almost a foreign language), I personally visited over 2,000 offices, plus attended numerous Internet Marketing Summits where I often walked away more confused, I spent thousands of hours on the web looking for the right answers which was often information over-load (like taking a drink from a fire-hydrant)...

...but throughout everything I discovered, there is ONE THING that has stuck out like a beacon out of all this research, and that is, that... "Social Media is by far the most powerful marketing platform that I have ever found".

Seriously, it provides the greatest leverage and positioning opportunity for real estate agents that I have ever seen in my 20+ year career. (and it's heaps cheaper than any other medium. In fact, in most cases they're FREE!!!)

...I always knew that there had to be a better way! You see freedom and time spent with family/friends are so important and I believe that real estate should give you a life, not drain your life!

"Leveraging the Web, NOT Living on the Web" is MY MOTTO!!!

Which is why I believe in the Power of 'Authentic' Automation Tools and using the right Apps that will save you heaps of time. (just like the ones that I've shared in CD #6)

And, if it's an 'Attraction Agent' profile that you'd like to build online then you've come to the right place!!!

You see, I’ve gone from being arguably the most technophobic real estate agent who knew nothing, to now being seen as the Go-To-Guy in this Online/Social Media space throughout Australia/NZ, having been invited in to consult with John McGrath, News Limited, the Real Estate Institutes, Franchise Groups, plus interviewed on TV, Radio, article appearances in numerous publications PLUS asked to share the stage with most of the best real estate trainers in the country, spreading my Social Media message out to thousands of real estate agents...(all the while having these companies and agents contacting me, not me, having to chase them! - The 'Ultimate' Attraction Business with approx. $ZERO spent on  advertising!)

Which ultimately means for you, that if I can come out of nowhere and do that across an entire industry, then you can use my strategic approach to build your online profile so that you can become seen as 'The Ultimate Attraction Agent' in your local area!!! ...and you'll do it a whole lot quicker than it took me!

Once you discover how to Master Social Media and you put the strategies into place the right way you simply won’t have to do lots of that ‘Hard Slog Cold-Calling’ or ‘Time-Consuming Door-Knocking’ because the sellers will come to you!'ll quickly start getting called-in to lots more listing opportunities - Automatically - as you become...

"The Ultimate Attraction Agent!!!"

Yes! There is definitely a better, easier and faster way to succeed in real estate, whilst you enjoy a better life with your family and friends and the way to do it is by Harnessing The REAL Power of Social Media and make the internet work for you automatically and continuously - 24/7!

Come and join us as part of “The Online Real Estate Revolution”!!!

Here’s to your Fast-Track, Automated Success.

Warm regards

Greg Vincent


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